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Our client companies get personalized services and attention. The objective of hiring a recruiter is to obtain a service in which the selection process is more efficient. We will work for you!
Trying to find a group of qualified candidates from a large pool of unemployed people can be a full time job in itself. Advertising pulls in hundreds of resumes and more than half do not qualify for the position posted. This is where Crossroads steps in. We do the qualifying for you. We have our own form of advertisement through our website and networking that gives us an edge over our competitors. We will find top level candidates for any job opportunity you may have. If the candidates that we send do not meet your requirements, we will modify our search based on your feedback and will continue to search for the perfect candidates. We are confident that you will be satisfied with our recruitment services.


Candidate Assessments

Crossroads believes that the people you employ are the company's most valuable assets; therefore, we commit to offering the best customer service possible.
We make the recruitment process fairly simple, it starts with a description of the opportunity and a company profile. Once we have the job description and company profile, we initiate the search for the ideal candidate. When we find candidates that fit your specific qualifications, we then submit them for your review. It is up to the client whether they want to set up the interviews themselves or if they would like for us to do that for them. We prefer to work for you, but there are some companies that would like to personally handle this step. We are flexible enough to abide by each individual company’s procedures. Once the company decides on a candidate and hires him/her we submit an invoice and everything falls into place according to the contract.


Special and Confidential Searches


Some companies worry about using a recruiter to find a replacement for a current employee. With Crossroads, this apprehension should be laid to rest since we offer strict confidentiality. When a confidential search is requested, all recruiters are instructed to not provide the name of the company and are very careful as to not reveal any information that can compromise the identity of your company.
Often times, our clients ask us to recruit from specific companies, hoping to get the perfect candidate from their direct competitors. We can do that for you without making the situation seem unethical.



Crossroads Employment Solutions is flexible to your needs, making the whole collaboration a smooth and efficient process. We pride ourselves in our excellent customer service and strive to always provide world class service to our clients. 




With 12 years of existence and over 20 years of experience, Crossroads has formed part in the networking web of the manufacturing industry. We are constantly expanding our database and building professional relationships with client companies and candidates. Crossroads is certain that we will find you the perfect candidate whether we find him/her in our database, by networking, or direct recruiting.     




We believe that any and all information shared with us by both employers and candidates are deemed sensitive and we treat any documentation in a confidential manner. We protect our associates from those seeking to use the information in a malicious manner. Rest assured that your business approach and assessments are to be maintained confidential between your company and Crossroads.


Affordable Rates


Crossroads Employment Solutions is a leading competitor against other search firms. Our reputation and abilities play a major role in gaining market penetration in a highly competitive industry. Crossroads believes in only charging a company for services rendered. There is no charge to initiate a search or even to set up interviews. There are no surprises; you will always know what your cost will be, given the percentage we agree upon in the contract. We believe in straightforward and honest business and we are certain that you will be happy to have done business with Crossroads. 

We look forward to working for you!

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